TEST Angola has prioritized our Angolanization and Training Programs as a key component to our success in Angola.  Since 2004, TEST Angola has demonstrated a successful Angolanization and Training plan through our operations in Cabinda.


The Program focuses on several key areas of training:

  • Regular Evaluations

  • Mentor Training by Expatriates and Nationals on the job

  • Soft Skills training such as English and Math through third party providers in Cabinda

  • In house craft training utilizing the NCCER curriculum

  • Advanced training outside of Angola through formal courses and technical training institutes.


Success is measured by tracking the overall skill level of each National employee through a Skills Monitoring Database.  Each employee is evaluated against 120 different key skills and their progress is updated annually.  Specific training programs are geared towards each employee based on their current skill level.

TEST Angola regularly sends it employees to training classes in the US.  Several times a year, key individuals are sent for 4 to 6 week programs that develop their Instrumentation and Electrical capabilities.


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