TEST Angola has developed a successful safety culture in our operations that has yielded excellent results since our establishment in 2004. Some of our milestones that we have achieved include:

  • Over 3 Million Man hours of Incident Free Operations over the last 8 years with a 0.0 Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR)

  • Only 1 lost time injury in our company history.

  • Zero Environmental Incidents in our company history

  • Outstanding Scores on all of our Client HS&E Audits

TEST Angola has achieved this success by creating a culture where HS&E Excellence is the standard. Some of the keys to our success are derived from the programs that are put in place with partnerships between our Clients, Employees, and Senior Leadership.  Some of these programs include:

  • Mentoring and skills training for helpers and apprentices

  • Initial, annual, and other HS&E training for our employees

  • Visual participation in HS&E Programs by Senior Leadership

  • BBSM Program

  • Monitoring and Communicating Proactive Performance Indicators

  • HS&E Management System

TEST Angola . . . Responsive, Flexible, & Focused on Our Customers