TEST Angola has been providing Engineers and Technicians in Angola through our affiliate, VersaTech Automation Services Angola, LDA.  TEST has a team of skilled Nationals and Expatriates capable of Programming PLC and DCS code as well as developing HMI Screens for the Oil and Gas Industry.


Services Offered:

  • PLC Ladder Logic Configuration and Design Changes

  • HMI Development

  • Database development and reporting (OS PI)

  • RTU and Radio Communication (installation and troubleshooting)

  • Troubleshooting of various control systems (Pneumatic, Fire & Gas, & Compressor Controls)


Typical Applications:

  • Process Control

  • Well Control

  • Safety Systems

  • Compressor & Pump Control Systems

  • Motor Control

  • Fire & Gas Detection


TEST Angola . . . Responsive, Flexible, & Focused on Our Customers